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  • Main » 2011 » May » 2 » Bigtigersurf Payment Proof - CLOSED, Don't Invest
    8:56 PM
    Bigtigersurf Payment Proof - CLOSED, Don't Invest
    Hello Fellow Investors, Due to Liberty Reserve Downtime and opening of a new hyip program the admin of BigTigerSurf decided to closed the program, I noticed today also that my $5 invested for 12 days was reset to zero. Please read the email below from the admin, Greg. Another untimely closed. Dear Investor, As promised I want to send out an update and let everyone know the status of BTS and what happened. BTS was doing very well, then as you all know we opened our new Non-Surf HYIP site and many of our members did go join the new site. The only problem was that when this happened, the members that were supporting BTS began depositing in the new site and sort of forgot BTS. This began to create a shortage in funds in out Alertpay account. Then, when Liberty Reserve went down, I had no idea that LR would be down this in my haste to continue rapid payments to our members, I began to pay some members that had pending LR payments with Alertpay (WRONG THING TO DO.) This contributed to our AP funds further being depleted. The deficit became so great that I knew there was no way for me to recover and get back where I needed to be. For instance, yesterday, I had only about $20 in upgrades in Alertpay come in....that's right $20 ALL DAY. There is no way I can recover the site with lack of support from our members. So, I did refund the funds back to the new members who joined and upgraded. I kept NONE of the funds for myself. So, currently my Alertpay account for BTS is sitting at $0.00. Alertpay can confirm this. I have nothing left. This is why I had to put BTS on HOLD and not sure I can ever recover it. Now, for the new site....because many of our members abandoned BTS and started depositing in the new HYIP site (I guess people dont like to surf anymore)...the NEW site is doing extremely well. I feel that if all the BTS members will join the new site, and support it, they could actually, in time, recover any losses they incurred in BTS. Our new site again is doing extremely well, and will continue as long as I have your support. There is ONE MAIN REASON sites like this fold......Lack of support. If members would continue supporting the new site, it could actually run for a very long time. I apologize to everyone for the failure of BTS, but I did learn a lot and have implemented what I learned into our new site. Why will our new site succeed a long time if the members support it: 1. We use only 1, reliable, secure payment processor, Alertpay. So there is no worry of having the problem of lack of funds in one processor because we only use one. 2. The way we have "tiered" the deposit strategy in the new site. These 2 things along, with members support will make the new site run a very long time. Again, I apologize to you all for the failure of BTS. It was my great joy to send rapid payments to my members every day. And, I promise the great same support and rapid payments in the new site. Our new site is run totally separate from BTS and there is NO accounts linking between the two. Again, the new site is doing very well and will continue as long as members support it. Thanks Greg Hi, my name is Greg Williams and I am the admin of BigTigerSurf. I am here to introduce a great advertising and earning program. When you join BigTigerSurf you have the opportunity to earn 144% AFTER 12 days or if you choose to be paid daily, you can earn 10% daily for 12 days and cashout daily. You may have upgrades running in both plans and you may upgrade daily if you like. So, welcome to "The Tiger.....Here to make the difference!
    Payment Proof: 03/20/2011 15:12 57613126 U1350625 (BigTigerSurf) + $2.00 Invested: 03/18/2011 10:38 57482966 U1350625 (BigTigerSurf) - $10.20
    Views: 294 | Added by: Jaime | Tags: paying, autosurf, making money, money making, not paying, hyip-autosurf | Rating: 0.0/0
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